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Casual Mail Sorter, Walk Bundling


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Casual Mail Sorter, Walk Bundling


Roles and Responsibilities:

Moving and Sorting Mail, Segregating different types of mail, Operating sorting machines, Sorting letters and packets manually, Despatching mail

Skills and Experience:

Previous experience within a warehouse environment is preferred.

Working Restrictions:

Candidates MUST be over 18 years old to work at this location.

Pay and Benefits:

Advertised pay rates are dependent on the type of shift worked (day or night shift). After completing 12 calendar weeks of service with Angard Staffing, pay rates will increase to match Royal Mail permanent employees, in line with Agency Workers Regulations (AWR). Terms and conditions apply. All candidates will earn statutory holiday pay at 12.07% of their gross weekly pay.

Additional Information:

Candidates may be required to lift heavy mail sacks weighing up to 20kg each.

Job Number


Pay rate

16 to 17 Years = £4.35 to £6.75 per hour (shift dependent)

18 to 20 Years = £6.15 to £8.55 per hour (shift dependent)

21 to 24 Years = £7.70 to £9.50 per hour (shift dependent)

25 Years and Over = £8.21 to £11.00 per hour (shift dependent)

Office Location


Schedule Type

Warehouse / Industrial

Rochester Walk Bundling Centre

For more information call:

0333 240 8502

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