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Payroll FAQ’s

When does the payroll week start and end with Angard?
Angard has a 7 day working week starting from Monday 00:01hrs until Sunday 00:00hrs (midnight).
When do I get paid for the shifts I have worked?
You will be paid one week in arrears and are always paid on a Friday. As Angard’s working week finishes on Sunday midnight, any hours you have worked after Sunday midnight will be paid to you the following week.
How can I see my payslip?
When you have successfully passed all our security checks you will receive an email containing instructions on how to set up online access to view your payslips. When you have set this up you will be ale to access your payslip online by clicking here. You will need your Angard Employee Number (Payroll number) to access your online payslip.
Can Angard provide paper payslips?
Unfortunately Angard is unable to provide paper payslips.
How are my hours for shifts I have worked captured?
Hours are submitted weekly to Angard by the Royal Mail plant/office you have worked at. All candidates are required to SIGN IN when first arriving on the premises and SIGN OUT at the end of a shift. Your hours are then calculated from this signing in sheet by Royal Mail before being submitted to Angard for payment on a timesheet.
To ensure correct payment, Angard advise candidates to mark clearly the time they signed in and the time they signed out on the signing in sheet.
I believe I have been paid incorrectly for my shifts, what should I do?
If you believe you have been paid incorrectly then please use the Pay Query form under the Help Centre page to raise this directly with the Angard Payroll Services team.
I believe my tax code is incorrect, what should I do?
Your tax code will be based on the information you will have provided on the Starter Checklist form at the point of registration. However, if you still believe you are on the wrong tax code, you need to call HMRC on 0300 200 3300 and quote Angard’s PAYE reference 475/XA59334 with your Angard employee/payroll number or national insurance number.
How do I earn Holiday Pay?
All Angard workers earn 12.07% of their gross weekly pay as holiday pay, or 12.07p for every £1 earned (before tax and NI). Your holiday earnings are automatically calculated by Angard when processing your weekly timesheet and added to your existing holiday pay entitlement.
Where can I see my Holiday Pay entitlement?
You can see the total amount of holiday pay you have available on your online payslip.
How do I claim Holiday Pay?
You can request holiday pay online by submitting a “Request Holiday Pay” form from the Help Centre page.
How many hours can I claim as Holiday Pay?
You can claim from a minimum of 4 hours per day as holiday pay, up to a maximum of 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. A minimum of one week’s notice is required on all holiday requests. Please note that holiday requests cannot be backdated.
Holiday pay should be used as a means to take paid rest from work and not as a means to supplement earnings. You are not permitted to work on days you have claimed Holiday Pay.

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