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Royal Mail Manager FAQ’s

I require temporary resource in order to support my operation, how can Angard help?
Angard supply temporary industrial workers throughout the Royal Mail network and can support at times of need. If you already use Angard workers, please use your normal ordering method to request additional staff. If you do not have an existing relationship with Angard, please contact us via a General Enquiry from our Help Centre.
One of my Angard workers has a Payroll issue, what can I do?
Please ask the worker to contact our Payroll team on 0333 240 8502, option 4, or direct them to our online Help Centre.
How do I submit an Angard workers hours to ensure payment?
Angard will issue you an electronic timesheet which is to be submitted weekly to our Payroll team. For any queries in relation to timesheets, please call 0333 240 8502 option 4.

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